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What to Expect as a New Patient


Audiology Evaluation
This is the initial evaluation which determines the presence or absence of hearing loss, the ear(s) affected, the degree of hearing loss, the frequencies most affected, and the type or classification of hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Evaluation 

This evaluation consists of special procedures which help the Audiologist determine

  • if a hearing aid is appropriate for you
  • which ear to fit or if both ears should be fitted
  • the level of volume you are most comfortable listening to
  • the requirements of the hearing aid(s) which will be manufactured specifically for you

Ear Impression hearing consultation
For this procedure, putty is placed into the ear to allow custom hearing aids or earmolds to be fitted to the individual shape of your ear.

Hearing Aid Fitting and Orientation
During this visit, you will be fitted with custom-programmed hearing aids. You will receive detailed instructions concerning insertion techniques, battery replacement, volume adjustment, telephone usage, general maintenance and care practices. Other family members are encouraged to attend this session with you.


Hearing Aid Trial 

During the first 30 days you wear your hearing aid(s), you may objectively evaluate the benefits of amplification. It is very important that you return to the Audiologist and that you inform her of any need for readjustment during this evaluation period.


Hearing Aid Recheck 

This is to allow the Audiologist to monitor progress and make adjustments, beyond the initial 30-day period. You will return for a minimum of every 6 months, to make sure both you and the audiologist are pleased with the settings and function of the hearing aid(s).


Hearing Aid Functional Assessment 

Procedures are used to evaluate the settings and functions of your hearing instrument while you wear it. This will determine if the settings are appropriate and if the instrument is functioning optimally for your communication needs. This may include questionnaires, functional testing in & out of the sound room, or Real-Ear testing.

Annual Follow-Up 

People with hearing impairment, and those who wear hearing aids, should return to this office annually to assure that they are receiving maximum communicative assistance. At this time your hearing will be re-tested, your ears will be examined, and your hearing aids will be checked, cleaned, and evaluated.

"I previously had a very unpleasant experience in a hot, claustrophobic room at another ear doctor's office. I was so much happier with my experience at Audiology Specialists; I couldn't have been more comfortable. Dr. Robertson was wonderful!"

-Rory McDonald


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