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Warning Signals that your loved one may have hearing loss


  • The TV gets louder and friends and family complain about the volume.
  • They don't hear the microwave when it beeps, or the timer on the stove.
  • They don’t notice they’ve left their directional signal on because they don’t hear it.
  • They don't respond when spoken to.
  • They lean in closer to people who are talking to them, often leading with one ear.
  • They only seem to notice they are being spoken to if they are facing the person speaking.
  • They give the wrong answers to questions.
  • They frequently ask a question or introduce a topic that has just been discussed by others close by.
  • They appear to have "selective hearing".
  • They smile and go along with what has been said but clearly aren’t following along.
  • They stop attending social activities or events
  • They have difficulty understanding young people, children, women, or others who are soft spoken.
  • They are startled frequently, saying “I didn’t hear you come in”.
  • They say “What?” a lot.

"Can't thank you enough for the very professional way you conduct business. The effort you put in for me was outstanding. I told my doctor about you and that I would highly recommend you anytime. Thanks again."

-Rupert Cheney


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