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Hearing Instruments

Today's hearing aids are technologically sophisticated, electronic devices designed to provide treatment for hearing loss. They are considered to be medical devices.

An initial, face-to-face consultation and hearing evaluation, professional fitting and subsequent follow up visits are all essential to your improved communication experience.

Fitting hearing aids properly is largely science and partly art. They must be customized to your personal needs and life experiences. These important human aspects cannot be properly accommodated for when instruments are purchased without professional assistance from your Audiologist.

Why Not to Buy Your Device Online


Hearing Aids need to be prescribed and fitted by a qualified Audiologist who has been trained to evaluate you for potential medical conditions. If certain conditions exist, further medical follow up may be needed from your physician, to attend to your health properly. In that circumstance, a referral will be made by your Audiologist.

Without the services of a qualified Audiologist, you may end up with ineffective instruments for your needs, or worse, damaging your hearing further.


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Did you buy your hearing aids somewhere else, out-of-state, or a big box store? No worries! Audiology Specialists is happy to help with cleanings, adjustments and supplies. 

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