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Hearing Evaluations


Your hearing evaluation will be performed by a nationally certified Doctor of Audiology who is licensed by the State of NH. It will be completed within a comfortably spacious, sound-treated room, constructed to eliminate almost all sound from outside the space.

hearing evaluationYour testing will be conducted using insert-style, foam ear plugs that actually go inside your ear canal, rather than the heavy, tight ear muffs that are traditionally used in other facilities. These pliable earplugs mold themselves to the shape of your ear canal, making for a more comfortable test experience and giving us more accurate results to work with. While wearing these plugs, you will be asked to respond to tone sounds as well as words.

Beyond this traditional evaluation, there are also tests to evaluate the ear for signs of allergy, ear infection and acoustic reflexes, as well as measuring the strength of the signal being sent from the ear to the brain. These tests all will require the insertion of a silicone ear plug into the ear canal. For some tests, you may feel some pressure in the ear (like flying on a plane) and for others, you will hear sounds. These tests require you to be very still and quiet, but only for a few minutes.

Evaluating Your Child’s Hearing

As the mother of a young child, Dr. Robertson knows the challenges of getting them to cooperate at times. The use of special, interesting techniques helps to encourage them to comply with the test procedure. Younger children will typically appreciate being accompanied by a familiar adult. We recommend that siblings not accompany you and your child to this appointment as they may cause distractions which will deter this procedure and prevent us from getting the most accurate results from your child’s evaluation. For their safety and the consideration of others, children may not be left unaccompanied in the waiting area. 


How Much Time to Allow

For both adult and youth evaluations, the complete process is typically completed within 45 minutes and results can be discussed immediately afterward.

"I'm a HAPPY, very satisfied owner of dual Clear440s and an M-Dex controller fitted by Dr.  Laura Robertson…Still amazed at how much sound quality was missing before.  The AE component is spectacular for clearing up speech which is needed for complete understanding at work.

-Frank Towle


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