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Hearing Device Accessories


Modern technology has provided numerous ways to customize your hearing experience. New instruments will provide what you need to hear and communicate well about 80% of the time, however, a variety of accessories have been developed for those circumstances that seem to require a little more.

Telephone equipment can allow you to use a telephone easily and hear the voice more clearly.

A remote microphone can help you to hear better in church, at a lecture, or in a car, even when the other passengers talk to you from the back seat or while looking out the window.

TV equipment can allow you to enjoy your shows at the volume you want to hear it, while others can turn it down or even turn the volume completely off.

There is the ability to connect to blue tooth devices, iPods and other MP3 players, and more.

Please consult with our audiologist to learn which products will benefit you.

hearing aid accessories


"With my new hearing aids, I feel empowered."

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