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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why don’t you offer free evaluations like some other places?
A: If it’s free it’s usually because the people doing the testing are not permitted by law to charge a fee. The state does not allow anyone but a licensed audiologist with at least a Master’s degree in Audiology to receive financial compensation for evaluations. A hearing aid specialist/dispenser need only have a high school diploma and pass a state exam. He/she is not trained or qualified to evaluate for and interpret results which can identify possible medical conditions. So basically, if it’s free it’s because you are not working with someone with the expertise that Audiology Specialists, LLC offers. Remember, you get what you pay for.


Q: Do you accept insurance?Q&A
A: We currently have contractual agreements for “in network” service with Anthem, Cigna, Medicare and Harvard Pilgrim for coverage of hearing evaluations. Most insurance companies have some individual policies that provide a hearing device benefit. We will gladly help you determine your coverage. It should be noted that Medicare does not ever cover the cost of hearing aids or anything related to them.


Q: I don’t have insurance. Is financing available?
A: We truly want to make sure that anyone that needs hearing assistance is able to get it so we also offer the option to finance your device purchase, through Care Credit, INTEREST FREE for up to 12 months. Also, we may have demonstration instruments or previously worn instruments available for a significantly discounted purchase price.


Q: Do you offer senior discounts?
A: Because the majority of our clients are seniors we are unable to offer senior discounts, however we do offer a discount for cash purchases.


Q: I bought my device online and it’s not working well. Do you offer servicing?
A: While we discourage the purchase of hearing devices over the internet, sometimes we are able to service them. There are fees for any services you incur and we can only determine if we can help you after we have you, your instruments and a current hearing evaluation in our office. You wouldn’t buy dentures online and expect them to fit; the same is true of hearing devices.


Q: I’ve previously used a device and would like to purchase that brand again. Which manufacturers do you work with?
A: We offer instruments from a variety of manufacturers which allows selection of the most appropriate product to match your individual needs. Presently we work most often with Oticon, Widex, Unitron, Phonak, and Starkey, but; we have accounts with, and are able to work with, most other manufacturers.


Q: What does “board certified” mean?
A: Board certified means different things, depending on how it is used. Audiologists can only get board certification from the American Board of Audiology. It is the most challenging to obtain and maintain due to requirements of extensive, continuing education. A different form of certification is awarded by the American Speech Language & Hearing Association. ASHA awards the Certificate of Clinical Competence, when an Audiologist has completed their training under supervision and passed a national exam. Hearing instrument dispensers obtain a Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Studies (BC-HIS) when they complete a course about fitting hearing instruments and pass a national exam. Each one of these credentials is an indication of improved quality of service. An audiologist can obtain all these forms of recognition. A hearing instrument dispenser can only obtain the BC-HIS. The law in the State of New Hampshire, as written, doesn’t allow anyone to use a term implying training as an Audiologist, when they are not an Audiologist. However, there are those who try to create terms which may mislead the public.


Q: What is an Audioprosthologist? 
A:  This term means someone who works with prosthetic devices for auditory purposes, ie. Hearing Instrument Dispenser.


Q: Is a Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) able to provide medical care?
A: No. A Doctor of Audiology is someone who has a doctorate in hearing care but who does not provide any prescription medications, does not diagnose or treat medical conditions and does not perform surgery. Your Audiologist will provide important, useful information to your medical physician. These professionals communicate with each other or even work together to help give you the best care possible.


"With my new hearing aids, I feel empowered."

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