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Custom Fit Noise Protection


Hearing protection is vital to your hearing health! Protection will help to slow down the development of hearing loss. Any time you will be exposed to loud noise, you should use protection. At work, you should be advised by your supervisor if you are in a section where noise levels may be harmful. Harmful noise levels may occur outside of work, as well. Ear protection should be worn when using lawn mowers, saws, or almost any power equipment. Some cleaning equipment and kitchen appliances are loud enough that it would be beneficial to use ear protection. Ear protection should also be worn when at concerts, auto races, tractor pulls, target shooting, or similar activities.

Sometimes, wearing ear protection may feel uncomfortable. Earmuffs may feel tight, give you a headache, or make you sweaty. Ear plugs may also feel tight, make your ears itch, or not stay in your ears well. You have to decide which is more unpleasant, having a hearing loss or wearing ear protection. If you are having trouble finding something comfortable, custom-made ear protection may be purchased through this office.

When selecting your hearing protectors, look for the NRR rating. This will be stated as "NRR25", for example. This number tells you the maximum amount of noise, measured in decibels, that will be blocked; the higher the number, the more noise that will be blocked. Remember, if you don't wear the protection as intended, it cannot help you. It is important to wear the earplugs inserted tightly into your ears.

We provide a variety of products that can protect your hearing and slow down your development of hearing loss. These products may be for industrial purposes, for musicians, for use at home with power tools or any other purpose. Please contact us to determine which product is appropriate for your needs.

"Laura saved my marriage! My wife gave me an ultimatum, hearing aids or the door! Laura tested me, found the right hearing aids for my hearing loss and adjusted them to correct my hearing loss perfectly. I’ve been going to Laura for about 10 years now, I’m very happy with her attention to detail as well as her service and professional knowledge. "

-Paul Piscitelli


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