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The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) is urging people to check their hearing for World Heart Day on September 29 in response to a growing body of research showing a link between cardiovascular and hearing health. To help people determine if they need a comprehensive hearing test by a hearing healthcare professional, BHI is offering a free, quick, and confidential online hearing check at

Raymond Hull, PhD, professor of communication sciences and disorders in audiology and neurosciences at Wichita State University, recently completed research analyzing 84 years of work from scientists worldwide on the connection between cardiovascular health and the ability to hear and understand what others are saying. Hull’s work, which reviewed 70 scientific studies, confirmed a direct link.

According to Hull, “Our entire auditory system, especially the blood vessels of the inner ear, needs an oxygen-rich nutrient supply. If it doesn't get it due to cardiovascular health problems, then hearing can be affected."  

 While there are many possible causes of hearing loss, cardiovascular disease appears to exaggerate the impact of those causes and intensify the degree of hearing decline, says Hull. This compounded effect not only increases the difficulty a person experiences in perceiving what has been said, but also diminishes their ability to make sense of what they hear with speed and accuracy.   

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Your hearing is as individual as your fingerprint or your favorite jeans. No matter what caused your hearing loss, there are options available to help you enjoy what you have been missing.  Dr. Laura Robertson’s experience and understanding will allow her to help you find the best possible devices for your needs.

We offer complete services from testing to hearing instruments and the newest wireless connecting devices from many manufacturers. Call us for an opportunity to try these new accessories with your own hearing aids, regardless of the brand, or try out some hearing aids that are compatible with this new technology.

New patients are always warmly welcomed. Call us today at (603) 528-7700 for information or to make an appointment.


Some hearing aid sales people offer free telephones made for those with a hearing loss.

What they are not telling you is that these phones are avaialbe -FOR FREE- from several telephone companies and through the State of New Hampshire with certification from your Audiologist or medical doctor. We will be happy to assist you in getting the phone that you need. Please call today, 603-528-7700.


We are proud to offer products from the following hearing instrument manufacturers.

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